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Hetalia : Alberta by FILTrandez
Hetalia : Alberta
Name: Alberta
Country: Canada
Capital: Edmonton
Largest City: Calgary
Confederation (with Canada): 1905
Languages: English

Alberta is a hard working women, and is ultimately the backbone of Canada's economy. In 1905 when she decided to live with Canada, she soon discovered oil on her property and is now the most dependable province. She however feels that her resources are at times (or most) overused by everyone else. While she has no problem sharing her oil with British Columbia and Saskatchewan, she hates Ontario and Quebec - feeling that they are stealing her oil and not giving back. With regards to Quebec, Alberta hates her the most. Alberta also hates the fact that she's forced to learn French because of her. 

She is also the twin sister of Saskatchewan and are always in working in the oil business. It saddens her that none of the other provinces or even Canada visit her North because of it's pollution from the oil. However, her Mountain region is what helps market Canada's home, and is the most visited region in Canada.
She likes to ski in her free time, but is usually busy. Alberta is often seen in the company of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and her Northern neighbours.

America had (and still has) a crush on Alberta. Mainly for her oil, but she usually ends up kicking him in the face. She also hates England for coining the nickname for her capital city (Edmonton) as "Deadmonton" - because of England's boring and uneventful experience there when visiting her.

Hetalia (c) Hidakaz Himaruya
Photos (c) Google/Their respective owners
Alberta OC/Art (c) FILTrandez
Hetalia : British Columbia by FILTrandez
Hetalia : British Columbia
doing this to get out of art-block. probz gonna turn this into a whole project. Starting West, then gonna work my way East <: this is more or less practice but thoguht I could work on OC developement
The pictures used here are NOT mine. They belong to their rightful owners.

Name: British Columbia (Colombie-Britannique)
Country: Canada
Capital: Victoria
Largest City: Vancouver
Confederation (with Canada): 1871
Languages: English


British Columbia, or B.C. is the most Western province in Canada. When she was little, she was very loyal to Britain, and still is. She later on decided to live with Canada. She's the only province where French isn't mandatory to be taught. B.C. hates Quebec with a passion, and often complains to Canada to get rid of her. 
She loves to boast about the beauty of her house, and purposely tries to make the others envy her. It's at times problematic for her to live because it's nearly impossible for her to own a house. She loves her land's wealth, hates the problems it brings her. She's also very liberal with marijuana, which Canada has serious issues with.
Her and Alberta get along very well, and would usually be seen skiing. China, Korea and India often visit her place, and overstay - making B.C. very uncomfortable. 

Next up: Alberta, and Saskatchewan ouo

Hetalia (c) Hidekas Himaruya
Photos (c) Google/respective owners
BC OC/Art (c) FILTrandez
(BETA) Komaeda Chibi by FILTrandez
(BETA) Komaeda Chibi
cuz why not.

Still on art block s/w. still trying to get other work done
enjoy <:

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- Program(s) used: Paintool SAI
- Time: +3 hours (with distractions)

Komaeda (BETA) (c) Spike Chunsoft
Art (c) FILTrandez

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